The Dreamask.   1987-2017   I believe, simply the finest sleep mask ever designed.  I'd like you to agree.

If, like I did, you have been acquiring eye masks, but despairing because none of them worked.  The Dreamask was designed, by me, out of need.   My need.   Let me help you.   Michael
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Carpe Diem.     Sleep the night, and then you may, seize the day.

The hours which we spend engaged in quality sleep each day, are the hours which maximise our performance during all of our waking hours.
The Science of Sleep.
    In recent decades, advances in electronics, have allowed the design of scanning equipment, which have enabled far greater research into sleep, what it does, how it works and just why great sleep leads to a fulfilled life.
    The results are incredible, and explain in part why there has been an explosion in the instances of many medical conditions in the western cultures.  Diabetes, cancer, altzheimers, obesity, the list seems endless.
    Type 'sleep in total darkness', into a search engine, spend as long or as short a time as you like reading the research.
    Several of my customers have told me of an unexpected bonus or two.   Apparently, a good deep sleep with circadian rhythms working well, cuts the production of urine and therefore stops or reduces the night time visits to the loo.
    The human brain, when asleep, is perfectly able to filter 'normal' sounds from noises which require waking.   A child crying, a dog whining, breaking glass, will awaken most people from any phase of their sleep.   'Normal', non threatening, background noise, perhaps traffic, or in my case a main railway line, will not waken us.  A partner's snoring fits within the definition of 'normal'.  
    I have been told of a situation where one partner"had not had a decent night sleep in years".  This had lead to,  "if you'd just loose three stone, I could get a sleep".  I know it wasn't serious but the quote was,"your Dreamask has saved us from divorce".
    The darkness which the Dreamask provides, allows for a quality of sleep, which can solve apparently unrelated issues, which at first glance have nothing whatsoever to do with light.
    Thrilled to be of help!
Why a sleeping mask?
    In truth, you don't need one!   That is, if you sleep in an environment which you can totally black out.  No light in the window, no electric light, no LEDs on equipment, and when you travel, you know that you can replicate those conditions wherever you may be.
    I have known people who live in apartments, air conditioned, who can black out their windows.   I have known people who live alone, in very old stone houses with high ceilings and they are able to black out their windows, and control their environment.
    Others, and there are lots of them, who can sleep in any light.   But, what science has told us, it is all about quality of sleep, not quantity.
    For the latter, and the rest of us however, who need the windows open on summer nights, who have children, who work shifts, etc etc etc, a sleeping mask is by far the most cost effective way of  providing our optic nerves with the darkness required to allow our bodies to heal themselves in sleep, in the way they have evolved to do, over many thousands of years.  
Our wonderful world becomes more crowded by the day.  We owe it to ourselves, to the ones we love, and to the strangers we pass, to be properly rested.    You may drive, perhaps a bus, train, plane or tram, you may be practising medicine or servicing a car, whatever you do, how you do it impacts on those with whom you come into contact.  If you can black out your bedroom and still ventilate it, if airline freeby masks  are to hand and the nylon lining isn't an issue, fantastic, we all owe it to each other to have a healthy sleep regime.
But.  When you want, or need, or someone you care about needs, something better, The Dreamask sleeping mask is here.  If you do not see exactly what you want, e mail, I'm sure I can sew the mask, to fit the need.   My forty years of sleep mask experience is here for you.
Why a Dreamask?
Why should I buy a Dreamask at this price, when I can buy ten masks, on line, for a pound, or get free ones from airlines?
My Dreamask was born out of need.  I worked shifts, my health was failing, I had bought every mask I could see and none of them worked for me, not the cheap ones nor the expensive.  I recently sold a mask to a gentleman who had been wearing his wife's mask, purchased in 1990.   Cheap masks are made to last a few hours sitting in an airliner.

The Inside Story! (Why it works)


    “It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. 
John Ruskin.

I have tried to price my masks fairly, not "too much".   Looked after, your Dreamask will give you years of quality sleep, which should, improve your health, wealth and happiness.   How can you put a price on that?